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Look A Puppy!

Canine of Mass DestructionMany months after the loss of Lloyd, our faithful canine companion of many years, we summoned the courage to rescue another dog. Dave developed a highly scientific metric for defining the ideal dog breeds, potential health issues, sex, age, size, weight, intelligence, affection, ease of training and grooming requirements.

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Another Hot Dog Please

Our Scott Swat panel of expert taste testers sample a selection of Chicago's finest Vienna Style red hots. View the results of our scientifically subjective weiner comparison and top hot dog picks.

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Desert Scotts Family Update

What should we do this weekend?Adam has left the nest and is cohabitating with his fiance. He proposed to Annie during holidays last year. Even though his days are filled with work, school and chasing around his schizophrenic cats he still finds the time to stop by every now and then. Quite coincidentally, we have moved into a house with one less bedroom. 

Its growling at meLauren is plugging through high school. She proudly sports the title of band geek and really excels as a musician. Between homework, color guard and band practice Lou doesn't get a lot of free time. Soon she'll be spending some of it behind the wheel driving. Yikes! Lou claims shes hears the click of a metronome in her sleep, but it might just be the mess in her bedroom growling at her.

I'd like a large anchovy and onion ...Dave has served central Arizona Public Safety agencies for over seven years in his gig with the local government. Not the stereotypical, goof off, cake walk, three Martini lunch government job, mind you. Somehow Dave found a stressful, lots of hours, high pressure and a heart surgery, government job. The technical challenges can be complex, and the politics frequently border on absurd. On the plus side job security and a sour economy are never an issue. Seniority is a beautiful thing.  

Me in ItalyLiz is constantly on the run.  A gig with the local utility company gives her a chance to get yelled at by customers in English and Spanish.  Household projects consume enough leisure time to make it unleisurely.  She is truly the glue that holds this family together, and our hero.  Not to worry though, an hour or two playing Facebook games helps her decompress when needed. 

Faithful CompanionLloyd the dog has passed on to a better place.  His last years with us were divided between extreme relaxing, power napping, stretching, yawning and the occasional feline harassment.  Its good to know all dogs go to heaven as he surely deserves to be there.

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Wander through our gallery of the instamatic, watch a home movie or timelapse video. Examine the various web cams or even Elvis sightings. A big pile of pictures from the twenty-first century.